Building materials handling

Tell us what you need, and we will build it – From your input on product info, capacity and how the finished handled/palletized output shall be – we will design and build everything in between!

We design a handling and packaging system that fits your existing or new production line perfectly for maximizing efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Speed, flexibility, and reliability are key to the efficient handling and packaging of building materials. Our solutions are designed to give you exactly what you need, using state-of-the-art technology and a highly specialized skill set developed over many years as a supplier to the building materials industry.

We have focus on innovation and improvement, that ensures you a long-lasting investment.

In-house component production

We can produce most components in-house in our mechanical, electrical and software departments, where we build customized machines for packing, stacking, palletizing, labelling, etc.

In some specialized areas, we rely on our strategic partners for third-party technology, such as robotics, wrapping/hooding abelling and AGV Systems.

We have the components for complete cold end systems for building materials

Our standard conveyors are available for light, medium or heavy-duty applications for material handling, and are customized according to the client’s specifications. They are used for safe transport and handling of your products.

Based on our client’s needs, we use gantry or industrial robots for the handling/palletizing lines. We are a certified KUKA partner, and we design the gripper-tools for the robot.

Our in-house robot programmers combined with many years of technical know-how ensures a fast and flexible robot-solution.

Beginning with production line, design and simulation we build your new system utilizing with our empty pallet magazine, destacker, transfer shuttle, etc. integrating project specific wrappers or hooders. We deliver turnkey projects fully tested with client’s products in our workshop prior to shipment and installation.

Robotic prestacking of insulation material by CH System

Our expertise is your guarentee for quality


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In-house assembly workshop


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