Strong partners – makes us stronger

It doesn’t matter that our in-house know-how is second to none in the industry if our suppliers cannot keep up. Which is why we establish long-term strategic partnerships with our key suppliers. This guarantees the quality of our systems and parts as well as providing the necessary flexibility to meet highly specific client needs.

10-year partnership with KUKA

One of the World’s Strongest Robot

Why have we been a KUKA system partner for more than 10 years?

For several reasons, but the most important is that the partnership gives us access to a complete program of six-axis articulated robots, enabling us to design virtually anything that requires high-tech industrial robotic technology.

And well … we also think it is kind of cool that they have one of the World´s Strongest Robots.

Strong relations build the future

World leaders in loading solutions.

We are proud at CH Systems to partner up with the market leading company Joloda.

Their deep knowledge and expertise inspire to change and makes all loading and unloading solutions more efficient.

Joloda are well known for their high quality and their ability to save your business for valuable time and resources.

Return on investment is very high – Together with Joloda we can create the ideal solution to suit your business.

Close co-working with MAXAGV

a specialist in automatic transport systems

At CH System, we have a close collaboration with Swedish MAXAGV, who are experts in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) solutions.

One of the many advantages of MAXAGV’s systems is their user-friendly and easy-configurable software that provides maximum flexibility and minimum downtime as well as high-tech functionality, such as 3D monitoring, statistics, reports and diagnostics.



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